What You Can Expect

When you visit Warren Plains United Methodist Church you can expect:
1) For people to be glad you are there!
2) That you will fit in if you are dressed casually!
3) That you will not be called on by the preacher to stand and introduce yourself!
4) That if you do want to be known, you can introduce yourself when we have morning prayers and the pastor asks for praises and concerns.  Your presence with us is definitely a PRAISE, so please share if you feel comfortable!
5) That if you do want the pastor to point you out and introduce you, please arrive early and introduce yourself to the pastor and make your wishes known!
6) That you can participate in the service as much as you feel comfortable.  We do provide bulletins, and hymnals are in the pews for your use!  Feel free to bring a bible if you wish; the pastor reads from the New Living Translation and there are NLTs available for your use and to take home.  There are, also, King James Version pew bibles. And if you'd like a NLT Recovery Bible, please ask for one. We will be delighted to give you one.
7) That, yes, we do take up an offering every Sunday during worship but as our guest, we do not expect you to put any money in the plate.  If you give is up to you!
8) That you can lift up prayer requests when they are asked for at the morning prayer time.  Please!  Your prayer concerns are important to God and to us!
9) That if you have any questions you may feel free to ask the pastor after the service.  You may also email her or call her; her contact info is in each Sunday's bulletin.
10) To see what our worship service is like, you can download the current week's bulletin on the "Church Info Hub" page in the "Bulletin Center".  We do celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of each month. We use the Communion Service in the front of the hymnal, so this service is different from our usual service.  In the Methodist Church the Communion Table is open to all who wish to participate.  You will be welcome.  Children are welcome, too!
11) We are a "Safe Sanctuaries" Church.